Inside B Real Digital Marketing

B - R.E.A.L. 2018!

During 2018 we will be producing high quality, high definition broadcast such as: web series, live web streaming  broadcasting private and independent televisions shows and film, high quality music videos, reality television series, and much more.  Please view B - R.E.A.L. TV at

We Represent You!

We offer online street teams, booking services, local physical street teams, video streaming, publicity, content marketing, social media marketing, digital distribution, digital marketing, music streaming services, plus your own custom designed ringtone. 

Our online street teams excel in networking with local and private businesses earning trust and support with promoting our venues. Being gnarly with the web, we have the ability of surfing our message to the masses. 

Touring Support

Do you want to perform at HBCU and PBI's Colleges? College campus touring provides and excellent outlet to increase and cultivate new fans.. Making sure we provide your fans the opportunity to witness their favorite artist or group. We will strategically book dates to accommodate those who are in high fan demand. 

We offer you an opportunity to have your single promoted on various Nielsen/BDS and DRT monitored radio stations. Get featured In print and online magazines all over the world via internet, college, and mainstream radio stations. 

We offer ringtone deals! Get paid live performance shows in the markets like Atlanta, GA and Huntsville, AL. 

Who We Work With?

 B - R.E.A.L. Entertainment LLC. opens its doors to all collaborations.  B.-R.E.A.L. Entertainment LLC. recognizes the tremendous amounts of talent currently available. Our intentions are to create projects that will appeal to those main stream artists’, motion picture studios as well as sponsorships.

Legal Business done right!

We will ensure your music is properly registered through our legal representative. We want to make sure that your music is tracked and correctly identified to provide hassle free royalty payments payable through the maze of collection organizations.